From students for students

You study because you pay semester fees. Or the other way round: You pay semester fees, because you study!   But, what happens to this money, after it leaves your account?   A part of it ends up with us. Har har. However, we don’t keep any cent of that money.  This is why, we would like to give you your money back by creating a platform which encourages students to start projects and therefore brings them together from all the different departments in the HKB.  The good thing is that besides the money we also have available space for you. So  please don’t hesitate, come with all your ideas and projects and we’ll help you to realize them!

KULTURESK started in autumn 2014, it was initialized by six motivated students each one coming from another department. Currently, a year after its initiation, the Kultureskteam counts 15 members.  We hope to welcome you as a member of our team and that you will soon be part of KULTURESK and celebrate several birthdays with us.